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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Here I post mostly pics I've colored, but from time to time I post some of my own drawings.

About commissions, I'm offering 2 separate services: drawings and coloring manga/doujin

You can contact me over here, or through

COMMISSIONS: 30 dollars for a character getting tickled by floating hands/feathers, or in a tickle machine. Anything with more than 1 character will cost 10 dollars more for each extra character. This price includes full colors, shadows (shading) and a simple background. If you want something simpler (like just a sketch or a pic with no colors) send me a note so we can negotiate a reduced price. The commission takes around 3 days at max to be done (depending on the schedule, please check the my commission slots). I work with both SFW and NSFW stuff, straight or gay. I also work with other fetishes, not only tickling. For more information you can send me a note or contact me at

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note, or you can contact me through the email:

In regards of manga/doujin coloring commissions, you can see more info over here:
More info:…
slot 1 - America Chaves x Kate Bishop (FINISHED)
slot 2 - OC (FINISHED)
slot 3 - OC - (FINISHED)
slot 4 - OC (FINISHED)
slot 5 - Caitlyn and Vi (FINISHED)
slot 6 - April and caitlin x Zach (FINISHED)
slot 7 - OC (FINISHED)
slot 8 - Joey from Lions, Tigers and Bears (sketching)
slot 9 - OC - (Payment confirmed)
slot 10 - 
Marika Kato and Chiaki Kurihara (Payment confirmed)


I'm researching some characters for future pictures and goddamn... there are some old C-List Marvel characters that are straight up fetish material.
Val and Crystal
This is a picture commissioned by meangry He asked me to post it along with a story he wrote, so here's it is:

Vamp Records: Obsession


The tickling didn't start out that way. But the more their forays happened, the more it grew. Subtle overpowering grabs in moments of precariousness. Makeshift bondage that came from in the moment thought. At least at first. Until ropes and cuffs and the toys and brushes and tools came out of purses and shoulder bags.

Opposites attract. 

Val. Droll and monotone and effortless in how her words cut down anyone and everyone. She was pale, with black hair and fishnets and shit kicker boots, her look a love letter to The Cure. The world goes on by and she just goes with it, skeptical, yet oddly, endearing, with something beneath the goth exterior that makes it her biting demeanor seem like a well fitting veneer.

Crystal. Blonde and Valley Girl. Dressed pink and tanned perfectly, with lithe form concealing shocking strength from Cheer and Pole Vaulting. She wasn't a runner up at State's for nothing. 'Like, whatever, let's, like, teach her a lesson for being so gloomy, and like, stuff.' Hide the intelligence. It makes for a much bigger surprise when others have pegged you an airhead.

Where does it lead? To shocking places, beyond Vamp Records. To between the sheets, head resting against the pillow, deep in sleep. But it's clear. Clear as can be.

That bubbling anticipation.

There she is, and it takes her breath away because it's just her, like how it's supposed to be, and, my, that blush is so hot and heated. You have to maintain, she thinks, to keep the secret hidden because if it comes out, my God, it would change EVERYTHING.

Strong hands and knots and ties, disarming and right where she wants her. Right there. Palpable beading sweat and trembling lips. Flush heat swelling from the tummy and rushing through her shoulders. 

She can't stand it anymore. The anticipation was killing her.

The obsession was this. Here. With dancing fingertips and exposed upperbody, hollows, ribs, tummy, all for thr taking. Val was wickedly ticklish, giving in instantly, her voice turning up several octaves to the most delicious giggle and laugh, the most delicate of pleadings. Crystal's hands followed every movement, and punctuated them with the right touch every single time to drive Val crazy. Tonight, the underarms were killer, but Crystal was sure to attack that lower tummy and ribcage, feeling it helplessly tremble underneath her touch.

The ante had to be raised.

Val was only in a bikini top to begin with, and while Crystal could've taken advantage right then and there, an idea spawned inside her head. Quickly, she to untied the knot to Val's top.

The gothic beauty protested and tried to fight as much as her binds would allow.

But then...

"Let's play a game, Valerie." Crystal beamed wickedly, holding the bikini top strands just in front of her delicious captive's face, a subtle sway and dip and gravity showing just how easily this last bit of modesty could be stripped away. "Open your mouth, or you'll be sorry..."

Oh how Val hated how this Valley Girl so casually threw her name around. How it rolled off her tongue. She had no choice. She opened her mouth, glaring through her captor.

"Game is...I get to tickle wherever you have skin exposed. And you? You better hold on to these strips here...and you know why?"

"Crystal, this isn't funny--"

"Say it. Say it, or we'll both find something very funny."

A sigh. Anger. The embarrassment was overwhelming. Shockingly so. It made Val weak at the knees. Or perhaps it was something else..."If I let go, you're going to tickle my boobs."

"And nipples. You almost forgot them! Though from the looks of things..."

Shut it out. Bite down on the strands. Snarl. That's what Val did. She had to exercise what control she had. She wouldn't break. She wouldn't let go.

And then Crystal's fingers descended upon her. And through her forearms, she felt the rush of nervous tension filling them up with odd vibrations. 

Taunt and tease.

Light pokes and tweaks.

"You really need some sun, Vali-poo!"

It grew. It always grew. Opposites attract, after all. The secret. The obsession. Loosely held strands and knowledgeable fingers and a whirlwind of heat, attention, the tickles all over, burning, consuming, knees weakening, the secret, don't let the secret out, she can feel it spilling out, with blisteringly hard nipples and growing throbbing wetness and every single thing became a tsunami, uncontrollable, unrelenting, the clashing of wills, how it was meant to be, modesty and veneer and everything held by just a thread, just a single thread, until finally...

Until FINALLY...

Until that top came down. Until there was no hiding anymore. Modesty burned away. A deep unyielding hunger. Such ticklish teasing that could be done. 

Obsession is a hell of a thing.

Especially when it invades your dreams.

Especially when it cuts to the heart of who and what you truly are, what you truly crave.

Both ways.
Guess I just set a new record... I'm working on a picture with 46 robotic hands.
Clover Tickled
Taking some time in between commissions to work on my own projects. Was about time I finished the last Totally Spy. This one is Clover getting attacked by the tickle bots, these nasty little things really know how to get in those sensitive spots. The contraption she's stuck in was something I saw in Czech Tickling. It is really nice to see people making new and creative way to immobilize the ticklees, usually it's just standard stocks.

Also, just in case some people might think I stopped doing color edits now that I'm doing commission, just want to let everyone know this is not true. It just happens that I'm working on some bigger projects that take more time, and I hate to post unfinished stuff. So expect to see some full colored comics soon. And by soon I mean in a distant future... this things, they take time.

Anyway, thanks everyone for all the support as always :)


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